A Visiting Professor

Be interesting and be interested.

-Dr. Mesle

Last Friday, an English professor from UCLA came to speak with our writing class about writing. She spoke about why we write, what we write for, and shared many useful tips and insight to help one’s writing process.

What I took away from her talk with us are the following points:

  • Be careful with being a perfectionist when it comes to writing, because this often prevents the writing process
  • When selling a pitch to someone who can potentially hire you to write for him or her, submit your pitch in the appropriate writing style.
  • Learn WordPress–BLOG!
  • Know your readers and know how you influence them
  • Be interesting and be interested.

That last point stuck with me. “Be interesting and be interested.” She mentioned that to write, these are important and basically essential if you want to be a successful writer. By reading interesting internet web sites (like BuzzFeed), and just being with interesting and talking with interesting individuals will help shape your writing and the things you write about. This point raises my awareness of what I read on the internet now and helps me to steer towards the type of writing I want to emulate and appreciate.

Dr. Mesle writes for the LA book review and has created her own site that reinvents the book review.