Commonplace Entry #8

“Craig, where are you?”

It’s funny how people ask that as soon as they get you on the phone. I think it’s a byproduct of cell phones: people–girls and moms especially–want to nail you down in physical space. The fact is that you could be anywhere on a cell phone and it shouldn’t be important where you are. But it becomes the first thing people ask.

It’s Kind Of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini (p. 232-233)

I like this passage. The author comments on an experience everyone (almost everyone) has. He makes a truthful and honest social commentary. His usage of words (particularly “nail you down”) illustrates the narrator’s emotions in this exchange he has with the person who calls him. The text doesn’t explicitly say if he’s annoyed or not, but through these subtle uses of figurative speech and negative particles (“ shouldn’t be important where you are.”) one can observe the author’s attitude about this interaction.


One thought on “Commonplace Entry #8

  1. While reading your commonplace, the thought of “WOW, you’re right” could not escape my mind. From personally experience as the person asking and as the person being asked this question, it seems extremely normal and yet, your point about its unnecessary involvement in a conversation in space really hits home.

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